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Turkish lira 3,700,000 each

Q Istinie Maslak Project Porsch Designer

​A habitat for each season...
Fully flexible transparent separators and with terraces and balconies, lodgings right in the middle of nature and Bosphorus. Ability to convert almost all space to a spacious terrace brings the option to change the house according to the climate, and of course your desire. Balconies and terraces are fully integrated with the interior as an essential part of the structure. Elegance in the material reflects itself in the design and the indoor – outdoor harmony.

A shining view...
The view embracing the Bosphorus and Istinie ridge, with the transparent fronts, provides a unique living space, in terraces and balconies. Bedrooms facing the back fields with city view, provide a secluded and private place.

A shining view...
This is a gracefully designed habitat, to every fine detail, to indulge in sunlight and wide view, and private spaces placed in inner sanctums where not as much light needed.

​An innovative architecture
The design creates a special place between three building blocks for common spaces to bring residents together. Flexibility shows itself in both outdoors and indoors, built in the design. Whole structure planned with an innovative architecture is built to be in harmony within itself and with other buildings, surroundings and the city

​Respect for the nature...
.Istinie M is a modern project, completely in accordance with Boğaziçi background view and fully respecting the city silhouette. Comfortable and spacious complex, consisting of 21 residences in 3 low rise building blocks, presents a habitat basking in sunlight Istinie with a splendid view.

​Interior Design by Porsche Design Studio

​In Q Istinie Maslak capacious inner spaces of engineering genius is offered to home owners with the functional design options by Porsche Design Studio. With their iconic architecture, Qent Istinie residences are accentuated by their modern and elegant designs, and functional aestethics for inner spaces.

Porsche Design Studio brings its own spirit along with environmental responsibility and sustainability.

Porsche Design Studio, with its architectural vision to use every gift of nature in its designs, highlights authenticity in the final product
Emphasizing that the form of the material in the product and site is the design in itself, Porsche Design Studio creates the living and ever modern structure.

We invite you to be a part of this modern living.

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